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Only high-speed internet from AT&T gives you over 99% reliability* and no hidden fees for Wi-Fi or Equipment.




$55/month plus taxes. Price after $5/mo. AutoPay & Paperless Billing discount (within 2 bills). See offer details *Internet claim excludes DSL.

Technical Installation

Wi-Fi Gateway Router

Home Internet Plans



Price after $5/mo. AutoPay & Paperless Billing discount (within 2 bills). See offer details.



Price after $5/mo. AutoPay & Paperless Billing discount (within 2 bills). See offer details.



Price after $5/mo. AutoPay & Paperless Billing discount (within 2 bills). See offer details.

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Device Limitations, Availability, and Speed Customization: The number of devices you can connect to AT&T Internet depends on screen size and resolution, with availability subject to regional variations. To determine eligibility, contact AT&T or visit While our internet speed claims represent maximum speeds achievable on a wired connection, actual customer speeds may vary based on factors like site traffic and end-user device capabilities. Download speeds can reach up to 940Mbps, thanks to reserved overhead capacity. Tailor your internet speed to your needs with our plans – Internet 50 for sharing files and light online activities, Internet 100 for multiple users and streaming, and Internet 1000 for serious online gaming and telecommuting. Keep in mind that provided speed and time examples are estimates, and actual speeds may fluctuate based on various factors.

Price Transparency

Experience clarity in your budgeting with our commitment to price transparency. No hidden fees or surprises, just straightforward and honest pricing. With us, you'll always know exactly what you're paying for, ensuring peace of mind and financial confidence.

99% Reliable

Trust in a 99% reliable service that keeps you connected when it matters most. Our commitment to reliability means fewer interruptions, faster connections, and a seamless online experience. Count on us for consistent performance, whether you're working, streaming, or staying connected with loved ones.

Safe & Secure

Your online safety is our priority. With robust security measures, we ensure a safe and secure internet environment. Protecting your data and privacy, our services provide peace of mind, allowing you to browse, work, and communicate with confidence in a secure digital space.


Download time and speed varies based on your internet use and plan. Choose the plan that lets you surf, stream, and download at the speeds you need without missing a beat.

300 MBPS




500 MBPS




1000 MBPS




Why Choose AT&T Home Internet Service

No Annual Contracts

AT&T Internet in Irving TX stands out with the convenience of no annual contracts, providing users the flexibility to choose and modify their plans without the constraints of long-term commitments. This customer-centric approach ensures that residents in Irving TX can adapt their internet services to meet their evolving needs, making AT&T a reliable and adaptable choice for seamless connectivity.

Extensive Network Coverage

Experience unparalleled connectivity across Irving TX with AT&T Internet's extensive network coverage. Whether you're in the heart of downtown or on the outskirts of the city, AT&T's high-speed internet services ensure reliable connectivity. Our commitment to extensive coverage ensures that residents throughout Irving TX can enjoy fast and dependable internet access, fostering a connected and digitally engaged community.

AT&T Customer Support

AT&T Internet in Irving TX goes beyond providing reliable internet; it offers exceptional customer support tailored to the local community. Our Irving TX based customer support team is dedicated to assisting users promptly and effectively, ensuring a smooth internet experience. With AT&T's customer support, residents can feel confident that any issues or queries will be addressed with professionalism and care.

Secured Internet Connection

In Irving TX AT&T Internet prioritizes your online safety by providing a secured internet connection. Our advanced security measures protect your data and privacy, offering peace of mind as you browse, work, or engage in online activities. AT&T's commitment to a secured internet connection reflects our dedication to providing not only speed but also a safe and trustworthy online environment.

Strives To Create Connections

AT&T Internet in Irving TX goes beyond being a service provider; it strives to create meaningful connections within the community. Through initiatives, partnerships, and community engagement, AT&T aims to foster a sense of connectivity and shared experiences, making Irving TX a more connected and vibrant city through technology.

Make Life Smarter With AT&T.

Elevate your digital experience in Irving TX with AT&T Internet, making life smarter and more efficient. With cutting-edge technology and high-speed connectivity, AT&T empowers residents to seamlessly integrate digital services into their daily lives. From smart homes to efficient remote work, AT&T Internet enhances the quality of life in Irving TX making it a smarter and more connected city.

Maximise Your Digital Experience with AT&T Internet in Irving TX. 

Elevate your digital lifestyle and maximize your online experience with AT&T Internet in Irving TX. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to high-speed connectivity, AT&T provides residents in Irving TX with a digital gateway to unparalleled performance. With lightning-fast download and upload speeds, AT&T Internet ensures seamless streaming, smooth online gaming, and efficient remote work capabilities. What sets AT&T apart is its utilization of advanced fiber-optic technology, delivering not only speed but also reliability. In the dynamic landscape of Irving TX, where staying connected is crucial, AT&T stands as a beacon of dependability, offering a network designed to withstand the demands of modern digital living.

Choose the Pinnacle of Connectivity with AT&T Fiber Internet in Irving TX.

Selecting AT&T Fiber Internet in Irving TX heralds the ascent to the pinnacle of connectivity, where speed meets reliability in a seamless digital symphony. AT&T Fiber is not merely an internet service; it's a transformative experience that propels users into the future of high-performance connectivity. With the deployment of cutting-edge fiber-optic technology, AT&T Fiber Internet delivers blazing-fast speeds, making lag and buffering relics of the past. Residents in Irving TX can indulge in uninterrupted streaming, lag-free online gaming, and swift downloads, all supported by the robust infrastructure of AT&T's fiber-optic network.

Any Questions? Broadband Internet Providers Support Is Here!

As you delve into service plans and details for the first time, it's natural to have numerous questions. For clients encountering such situations, our specialized technical support is poised to offer optimal answers, easing your confusion and steering you toward informed decisions. Serving both residential and commercial clients, our AT&T Internet in Irving TX provides fiber services. We recognize that some individuals may find technical terms in service plans challenging, and our support executives are available to assist you in understanding them. Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance!



Q1. Why should I choose AT&T for my home internet over other internet providers?

Selecting AT&T for your home internet comes with several compelling advantages that set it apart from other providers. AT&T is renowned for its commitment to a reliable and robust network, ensuring consistent connectivity with minimal disruptions. Offering a range of high-speed plans, AT&T caters to diverse user needs, making it suitable for both casual users and heavy streamers. The company's extensive network coverage spans urban and suburban areas, providing convenient access to a broad user base. AT&T's investment in advanced technology ensures that customers benefit from cutting-edge innovations, experiencing fast and efficient internet services. Additionally, AT&T's customer support services are well-regarded, offering timely assistance and solutions to any issues that may arise. With the flexibility to choose from various plans, bundled packages for cost savings, and a focus on security features, AT&T stands out as a reliable and customer-oriented choice for home internet services.

Q2. How much does AT&T Internet actually cost?

The cost of AT&T Internet in Irving TX can vary based on the specific plan and speed you choose. AT&T offers a range of internet plans to accommodate different needs, from basic usage to high-speed requirements for heavy streaming or gaming. Pricing may also be influenced by any promotional offers or bundle options that include additional services like TV or phone. To get accurate and up-to-date information on the cost of AT&T Internet in Irving TX it's recommended to visit the official AT&T website or contact their customer service directly. This ensures that you receive detailed information about available plans, pricing structures, and any ongoing promotions that may impact the overall cost of AT&T Internet in the Irving TX area.

Q3. Which AT&T Internet plan is the best?

Determining the best AT&T Internet plan depends on your specific needs and usage requirements. AT&T offers a variety of plans designed to cater to different user preferences and usage patterns. Factors to consider include your internet speed needs, the number of connected devices, and any additional services you may want, such as TV or phone bundles. In Irving TX where AT&T Internet services are available, it's advisable to explore the range of plans offered and choose one that aligns with your individual preferences and budget. The best plan for you might be one that strikes the right balance between speed, reliability, and any additional features you find valuable. To make an informed decision, check the latest offerings on the official AT&T website or contact their customer service for personalized assistance in selecting the most suitable AT&T Internet plan in Irving TX.

Q4. I'm already an AT&T customer, what are the best deals to buy a new internet plan or upgrade my existing internet plan?

If you're already an AT&T customer and looking for the best deals to either purchase a new internet plan or upgrade your existing one in Irving TX, it's recommended to explore AT&T's current promotions and offers. AT&T often provides special deals, discounts, or bundled packages that can offer cost savings or additional services. Check the official AT&T website for the most up-to-date information on promotions available in the Irving TX area. Additionally, contacting AT&T customer service directly can be beneficial, as they can provide personalized assistance, discuss your specific needs, and guide you toward the most cost-effective and suitable internet plan or upgrade based on your current subscription. Stay informed about any loyalty programs or customer incentives that AT&T may offer to ensure you make the most informed and advantageous decision for your internet services in Irving TX.