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AT&T Internet Corpus Christi Plans: Service You Can Count On

Only high-speed internet from AT&T gives you over 99% reliability* and no hidden fees for Wi-Fi or Equipment.



Price after $5/mo. AutoPay & Paperless Billing discount (within 2 bills). See offer details *Internet claim excludes DSL.

AT&T Internet provides the safest, fastest, and most secure broadband service packages. Even at peak hours. AT&T's internet connection speeds remain stable. You can count on 99 percent network uptime, enabling you to use AT&T's Internet for important business purposes.



Price after $5/mo. AutoPay & Paperless

Billing discount (within 2 bills). See offer details.




Price after $5/mo. AutoPay & Paperless

Billing discount (within 2 bills). See offer details.



Price after $5/mo. AutoPay & Paperless

Billing discount (within 2 bills). See offer details.

You can download and upload 1 GB of files in seconds, stream movies and play games online all day, and seamlessly integrate up to 12 devices simultaneously with AT&T high-speed Internet.

AT&T Fiber Internet 300MBPS

Speed in Corpus Christi: 300 MBPS upload and download

Price in Corpus Christi: $55 per month

AT&T Fiber Internet 300 MBPS is a mid-tier plan that makes use of AT&T's ultra-fast fiber-optic network. The major advantage of fiber Internet is its fast, steady, and reliable speed. It will take you less than half a minute to upload or download a 1 GB file. On at least ten devices, you can carry out conference meetings or video calls, HD or 4K HDR video streaming, intense online gaming, massive data backups, and other activities at the same time. You will never run out of Internet data with the AT&T Internet 300 MBPS plan, whether you charge your laptop or smartphone, watch movies or browse the internet all day, or conduct business operations. It allows you to relax and experience super-fast Internet without worrying about surpassing your data usage. AT&T provides additional protection with your AT&T Internet 300 MBPS plan. You will receive an Internet security suite of McAfee free of charge, which will provide an effective barrier against cyber threats and security breaches.

AT&T Fiber Internet Corpus Christi 500MBPS

Speed in Corpus Christi: 500 MBPS upload and download

Price in Corpus Christi: $65 per month

The AT&T Internet 500 MBPS subscription is not only fast but also one of the most cost-effective home fiber broadband services available. It offers symmetrical upload and download internet speeds of 500 MBPS. The AT&T Internet 500 MBPS package is ideal if you have a large household with a diverse set of needs. With your AT&T Internet 500 MBPS plan, you will receive extra robust security. You'll get a complimentary subscription to the McAfee Internet security suite, which provides a protective barrier against potential cybersecurity threats. You and your household members can chat on video calls for hours, watch films or play video games online all day, and even integrate at least 11 smart devices at the same time. A 1 GB file can be uploaded or downloaded in under 23 seconds. You can sit back, enjoy and experience super-fast broadband Internet with the AT&T Internet 500 MBPS package without worrying about surpassing your data limit.

AT&T Fiber Internet 1000MBPS

Speed in Corpus Christi: 1000 MBPS upload and download

Price in Corpus Christi: $80 per month

AT&T Internet 1000 MBPS is the most recent, fastest, and economical fiber broadband service for residential customers. It provides upload and download bandwidth of 1000 MBPS symmetrically. If you are a family with a lot of heavy internet users, the AT&T Broadband 1000 MBPS package is exactly what you need. Thanks to AT&T Internet 1000 MBPS' lightning-fast speed, you can:

  • Upload or download a 1 GB file in less than 10 seconds.
  • Upload 10 pictures or a four-minute-long HD video in less than a second.
  • Stream movies in HD or play online games all day, simultaneously on up to 12 devices.

AT&T guarantees 99% efficiency and durability. This assurance stands true when you and your family or coworkers integrate, watch films, play online games, and work on more than 12 smart devices at the same time. Despite this, you rarely experience the fluctuations, lags, or disruptions prevalent with other broadband plans.

AT&T 5G. Fast. Reliable. Secure.

AT&T 5G, America's most secure, reliable, and fast 5G network, marks a significant breakthrough in expanding and improving wireless innovation. It enables you to do more of the things you typically enjoy doing on your smart devices.

With AT&T 5G network connection speeds, you can play games online, watch movies, and download or upload high-quality videos as much as you want and all day long.

AT&T ActiveArmor offers robust network security 24x7 to prevent fraudulent phone callers from contacting you efficaciously.

It offers three popular unlimited plans, currently ranging from $35 to $50 a month per line, from which you can pick one that best suits your needs.

Why should you go for Broadband Internet Providers in Corpus Christi?

Whether you have a two-person household or a large family, we at Broadband Internet Providers offer the best AT&T Internet plans for your specific needs at affordable rates.

  • You can select from a range of secure, reliable, and fast Internet speeds to meet your specific needs.
  • You can upload or download 1 GB of data in a few seconds.
  • You receive enhanced security to safeguard your smart devices and keep you safe online at no additional cost.
  • You get limitless data access, enabling you to do whatever you want online without worrying about running out of data usage.

In addition, we are offering HBO Max for free (for a limited time) for a year. Take advantage of our terrific offers right now to enjoy the maximum benefits!



Q. What is the fastest AT&T Internet plan in Corpus Christi?

The AT&T Fiber Internet 1000 MBPS plan is the fastest in Corpus Christi.

Q. Can I bundle AT&T Internet with AT&T mobile service?

Absolutely. AT&T offers a variety of Internet and mobile service bundles.

Q. Does AT&T have fiber-optic Internet in Corpus Christi?

Yes, AT&T does have fiber-optic Internet in Corpus Christi.

Q. Do I need a landline to get AT&T Internet in Corpus Christi?

No, you don’t need to get a landline to get AT&T Internet Corpus Christi.

Q. Is AT&T the cheapest Internet provider in Corpus Christi?

Yes, of course, AT&T provides high-speed Internet at affordable rates in Corpus Christi.

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