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Only high-speed internet from AT&T gives you over 99% reliability* and no hidden fees for Wi-Fi or Equipment.




$55/month plus taxes. Price after $5/mo. AutoPay & Paperless Billing discount (within 2 bills). See offer details *Internet claim excludes DSL.

Technical Installation

Wi-Fi Gateway Router

Home Internet Plans



Price after $5/mo. AutoPay & Paperless Billing discount (within 2 bills). See offer details.



Price after $5/mo. AutoPay & Paperless Billing discount (within 2 bills). See offer details.



Price after $5/mo. AutoPay & Paperless Billing discount (within 2 bills). See offer details.

Experience Maximum Internet Speeds: Our internet speed claims represent the maximum capability of our network service on a wired connection to the gateway. However, actual customer speeds may vary due to several factors and are not guaranteed. Typically, download speeds can reach up to 940Mbps, thanks to the overhead capacity reserved for delivering data. For more detailed information, please visit www.att.com/speed101. Additionally, we offer a comparison of our Internet 300 and Internet 500 wired upload connection speeds to Xfinity, Spectrum, and Cox plans with varying download and upload speeds. Please note that our Internet 300, 500, and Internet 1000 plans protect against known threats and require a compatible Gateway and Smart Home Manager app, with enabled security features to safeguard devices connected via Wi-Fi or ethernet.

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Are you tired of slow, inconsistent internet connections? Look nowhere else! Your online experience will be entirely changed by the lightning-fast internet speeds and incredible rates provided by AT&T Internet Charlotte NC. AT&T Internet has you covered whether you're watching your favorite shows online, working from home, or keeping in touch with friends and family. Discover the fantastic internet service Charlotte NC has to offer, and get ready to improve your online experience. The connectivity, dependability, and speed you need are provided with AT&T wifi Charlotte NC.

A Wireless router for home networking, virtually unlimited email storage, and additional security features like anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall protection, and parental controls are all provided by AT&T wifi Charlotte NC, in addition to robust security features and quick download speeds so that the entire family can benefit from the advantages of a secure internet. Additionally, technical help is available around the clock. The service is taken to a whole new level with AT&T Fiber Charlotte NC.

Prepare to enjoy continuous gaming and streaming with Charlotte NC AT&T Internet. Our fast connections provide lag-free gaming sessions and fluid video playback, providing you the advantage you need to successfully navigate virtual worlds and enjoy your favorite programs without interruption. In Charlotte NC, discover the power of bundling with AT&T Internet Charlotte NC. For a complete entertainment option that is affordable, combine your internet connection with AT&T TV. In Charlotte NC Broadband Internet Providers offers the speeds required to maintain productivity, work effectively with colleagues, and participate in virtual meetings without interruption.

Advanced Technology

Utilizing modern fiber-optic network technology, AT&T guarantees you receive nothing less than the most excellent service. Even during times of high usage, a fluid online experience is ensured by our cutting-edge infrastructure. 

Lightning-Fast Speeds

End to the inconveniences of streaming and delay. Your online interactions will be redefined by AT&T Internet's speeds. Our lightning-fast speeds simplify downloading enormous files, playing intensive video games, or streaming your favorite movies.

24/7 Customer Support

Our devoted customer service team is accessible 24/7 to handle your problems. Rest assured that our skilled support staff is available to help you anytime, whether you need help fixing technical issues.

Experience Unmatched Speeds with AT&T Internet in Charlotte NC.

Are you fed up with waiting for downloads to bog down, videos to buffer, and pages to load? Look no further than AT&T Internet Charlotte NC, where lightning-fast speeds redefine your online experience.

300 MBPS




500 MBPS




1000 MBPS




Why Opt For AT&T Home Internet?

Customized Designs for Every Home

We are aware that every family is different. Because of this, AT&T offers a variety of plans designed to suit various consumption patterns. Our selection of plans ensures you receive the best match for your needs, whether you're a lone internet user, a family of entertainment buffs, or a remote worker needing high-speed connections.

Bundling Options for Convenience

Bundling AT&T Home Internet with other services, such as AT&T TV or home phone, will simplify your life. With just one bill, you can simplify your entertainment and communication demands while simultaneously saving money.

Exceptional Customer Support

When you choose Broadband Internet Providers, you join a community in addition to having internet service. Our devoted customer service team is accessible around the clock to respond to your inquiries and address your worries, guaranteeing that your interaction with us is nothing less than exceptional.

Secure Connectivity

Your online safety is essential. You receive more than speed with AT&T Fiber Charlotte NC you also get a safe browsing environment. With features created to shield your data, personal information, and devices from potential attacks, we place a high priority on your online safety.

Uncompromising Reliability

Keep in touch with unbreakable dependability. Your ability to work, learn, and have fun uninterrupted is made possible by the reliable performance of AT&T Home Internet. You won't experience any more dropped calls, slow video calls, or interrupted downloads; simply a steady connection.

Localized Promotions and Offers

Local communities are essential to AT&T. We frequently have specials and special offers that are specialized to particular places, giving you even more value for your money. Make a wise decision on your home's internet provider. 

Maximize Your AT&T Internet Experience

Utilize the total capacity of your AT&T Internet to get the most out of it. Make your plan specifically for your online activities to get the ideal combination of performance and quickness. Optimize device placement, use Wi-Fi extenders for full coverage, and secure your network for peace of mind to improve your experience. High-definition streaming of movies and television shows, lag-free online gaming, and seamless device connectivity are all possible. 

Redefining Fiber Internet Excellence Across America.

As the nation's top provider of AT&T Fiber Charlotte NC, Broadband Internet Provoders is leading the way for the revolution in online connectivity. AT&T has revolutionized the digital sphere with its cutting-edge fiber-optic technology by offering blazing-fast speeds, unmatched dependability, and smooth streaming experiences. With communities all around the country connected to the future of high-speed, fiber-optic Internet, AT&T, a reputable household name, keeps defining the possibilities of the Internet.

Your Inquiries Answered: Expert Support from Broadband Internet Providers.

Do you have inquiries related to broadband internet providers? Look nowhere else. To help you with your questions and get the help you require, contact our knowledgeable support staff right now. We've got you covered whether you're looking for information on plans, fixing connection problems, or investigating choices for better speeds. Our skilled team is prepared to assist you at every stage, from choosing the best package to resolving technical issues. 



Why should I choose AT&T for my home internet over other internet providers?

There are plenty of reasons to choose AT&T as your ISP (internet service provider.) AT&T is rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction for Residential Internet service in the north central and south regions and 2nd highest in the west region.1 With AT&T you’ll also enjoy 99% internet reliability and experience fast speeds, even at peak times.

How much does AT&T Internet actually cost?

AT&T Internet offers a wide range of plans, depending on your location. Many customers are looking for reliable yet affordable internet service. Where available, AT&T Fiber plans start as low as $55/mo† with no annual contract and equipment fees included. Pricing for AT&T Fiber plans is straightforward, meaning there is no price increase at 12 months and no equipment fees added.

Which AT&T Internet plan is the best?

AT&T is rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction for Residential Internet service in the north central and south regions and 2nd highest in the west region. If you are looking for our fastest internet plan, AT&T Fiber with up to 5 GIG speeds may be the best option where available.2- With both download speeds and upload speeds up to 5Gbps, AT&T Fiber delivers the fastest residential internet of any major internet service provider.

I'm already an AT&T customer, what are the best deals to buy a new internet plan or upgrade my existing internet plan?

If you are an existing postpaid AT&T wireless customer, you can get a $300 reward card when you sign up for AT&T Fiber. If you are an existing Internet customer, check to see if you are eligible to upgrade to AT&T Fiber to get ultra-fast internet at a straightforward price.